I've been a big fan of latex for many years now. I trained as a fashion designer but never worked in this field until a chance visit to a latex studio rekindled my interest in clothing in 2003. Since that time, I've been perfecting my skills and learning what items work best for other women.

I offer a starter range of well-made latex at extremely reasonable prices, because I know how daunting it is to build a latex wardrobe from scratch, and how common it is to make ghastly mistakes in the beginning! My clothes will flatter you and kick start your wardrobe so you can add color, accessories and other exciting pieces later on, as you learn what you like best in latex! In addition, I also design killer special pieces for your wardrobe which are always designed to flatter a wide range of figure types.

Please note that while I offer great prices on some of my items, I am not interested in undercutting other latex manufacturers or providing you with a cheaper version of somebody else's work. I am very opposed to copying within the industry, and will never knowingly provide knock-offs. Please respect latex designers' work, and not ask me or other designers to produce copies of their work. This is something which I take very seriously.

I am currently hard at work getting menswear pieces photographed for the shop, and hope to be able to offer a nice range very soon, which will focus more heavily on fashion pieces, since standard fetish wear is now offered by so many excellent manufacturers in all price points. No sense reinventing another wheel, I always say!