Dressing and Wearing Notes
Latex is normally much stronger than newcomers expect it to be, but you will still need to take care not to puncture your latex or rip it by making it stretch too much. Always make sure you have pulled up your garment as far as you can, as pulling too hard on tight latex can cause it to rip.

Use plenty of dressing aid such as Pjur Cult Dressing Aid or beGloss Easy Glide, to help get into your tight latex. I do not recommend talcum powder except for getting into stockings, because there is an elevated risk of cancer now associated with talc, and some users find it can aggravate respiratory problems. Do not under any circumstances use corn starch, as it can trigger latex allergies, and possibly worse, destroy your latex, when not thoroughly washed off!

Do not use any substance other than a silicone-based polish or dressing aid as certain oils will destroy your latex, and certain body lubricant products contain ingredients which may weaken the seams of your clothing.

To use dressing aid, I recommend applying it directly inside the garment, paying close attention to narrow areas such as ankles or wrists. For added ease, apply dressing aid to the small of your back, which is often tough to reach when arranging your garment.

Caring For Your Latex
Your pieces will arrive washed, polished and ready to wear. If you'd prefer them in their natural state, please specify when ordering!

Wash after each wear in lukewarm water. You may add unscented baby shampoo or unscented dishwashing liquid for extra cleansing if you like, but it's not normally necessary.

Allow your latex to thoroughly dry on both sides. Don't be alarmed if your latex looks cloudy or discolored after washing! It will return to normal once the water has evaporated, which can take up to 2 or 3 hours.

Condition on the inside with a little bit of silicone (I highly recommend Pjur Cult or beGloss, the extra cost is worth it!) before folding up and storing, which will prevent your latex from sticking together in storage.

Store away from heat and direct sunlight. Exposure to heat and sunlight will damage your garment and destroy its shine, even if exposed only briefly. Never leave your latex in a hot car or trunk of a car! If you plan on wearing your latex outdoors, I recommend spraying it with a product such as Kim West's Fade Stop Sunblock for Latex or a car product designed to protect tires from harmful UV rays. Keep black latex separate from transparent or light items as they may stain your latex.

Keep black latex separate from transparent or light items as they may stain your latex.

Take care to avoid metal objects.